Benefits of a Dog Daycare and Resort Facility

Almost everyone loves dogs. They are not called ‘man’s best friend’ for nothing. Dogs are just adorable, regardless of their size or species. But like babies, dogs cannot be left to fend for themselves, especially if they have been adopted as pets. They need so much attention. Talk about training them, cleaning fur from seats and carpets, cleaning pup of untrained pets, feeding them, grooming them and the list is endless. Sometimes combining all these tasks with the cares of the world can be daunting. There are times you want to say to your pet ‘I love you but please go away’. One thing pet parents should know is that if you are not taking care of your new family member, someone else should. This article will give a highlight on the benefits of dog daycare and resort facilities such as the st pete dog daycare.

There are great benefits to admitting your dog into a dog daycare center. For starters, the dog handlers can organize to pick and drop back your pet at a reasonable price. These facilities behave like a sophisticated dog walker. They offer most of the services that the dog walkers offer but from their facility. There is no need for a parent to feel guilty about living their dog unattended and bored the whole day. Such parents can schedule specific days of the week when their dog should attend the daycare. 

The best part about the Love My Dog Resort and Playground is that they offer countless activities for the dogs. First and foremost, it is a dog meeting point where they get to socialize. Secondly it’s a funfair because the pets have lots of space to run around and play with their favorite toys. There is also clean water which the dogs can deep themselves and practice their swimming skills. Here they will have more than adequate exercise. Importantly, the dogs are taught trained in different aspects. They are taught how to be calm and play with other dogs without causing them harm. 

The facility has got adequate trained employees who ensure everything is running smoothly. If any of the dogs is on medication, the attendants ensure that they are given drugs on time. Further, if the sick dogs are in no mood to play they are kept in a sick bay where they can rest. An attendant keeps an eye on such pets to ensure they are faring on well. Find out more at